Tuesday, 21 January 2014

True Romance

Has been keeping the idea of recording my daily music list for quite a few years, usually scrap paper sheets lying in my drawer here and there. I guess the first attempt was simply a shopping list to a record shop. Daft Punk's fantastic latest album "Random Access Memories" & The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug the movie pretty much covered up all my October to December of 2013. Should make a list
Early this year I paied a short/ scratching the surface 4-day visit to Shanghai China, ending the trip with a feeling of leaving a movie set- lavishing and condescending in a quirky way. Couldn't recall any useful history facts about the place since the only history I cared for during high school was rock n roll music's, therefore I landed with merely knowledge to even put on a topic to talk about. Anyways, why so serious aye? The city may not be a perfect integration of the East and West; it does offer a hint of European image. Had good times with 3 friends, doing thoes great things that we have in common, and the best part was- for a long time, I actually feel fine and very looking forward to the future ahead of us. Blessed xx
In order to remind this momentaous idea, I made this. Everything is going to be alright it turns out.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Gem time.

today's playlist: Bombay Bicycle club yeah yeah yeahs crystal castle Duffy It's been exact 3 years from the last blog post, and my beloved ipod is still holding 70% of the music that already exsisted since then. How rough and random it is that I actually getting used to record everything during the time by faebook & hand writing journal. Returning back to eblog almost feeling like it's too much to aproach now. I have summed up a few words to depict what went on within the missing years: messy but mature; heartbroken and reborn. Planning to start with a few doole works tomorrw. fanyun.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

every teardrop is a waterfall

yesterday was one of the major festivals of Chinese culture,
moon festival/ mid- autumn festival.
i spent the 3 days holiday with my family.
since its so normal that i am not there with them for any kind of big days.
its either im not in the country or simply at work.

it was yesterday when most people were gathering with family and friends,
one of my friends ended his life...
for what reason i didnt know and couldnt be bother to know any detail of it
just too shocked to even believe that he's gone for real

happened once before with another close friend of mine in uni
only that time was much more terrible cuz we were quite close at that time
good news was she made it back to the earth.
havent seen eah other like ages.

it is never easy seeing anyone with such bad news
hoping that any of us could do something to make a difference


couldnt catch by breath for a few seconds
maybe i dont believe in god, but i do hope somehow there is a relief there.



Monday, 18 July 2011


its been a while since the last time i opened my macbook.
work pretty much takes all my energy and time, and somehow my life.
im not hating my job, its just would be better if i can hove my own time.

i wonder how does this shop going in London.
and hope everyone is doing alright whatever you are doing.
cuz it must mean something. :)

air travel

since we cant drop off our work
and just go have a quality time with ourself...
then we have this day dreaming kind of life style
until we actually loose something and find this empty spot

horray, air travel!
peace xx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

tea time!

after being crazily busy at work,
finally i got myself a weekend.
visited friends and did some drawings!
this is a side project work.
and the main one will be revealed in no time!
heheee i cant wait~~

a big thank you to my dear christine,
giving me yummy crackers from HK.
go super well with my tetley tea!!!
horray, AND! there is another tea time date this week too.
earl grey tea with malted milk biscuits!!!!
oh how i miss this tea time break~ <3
make sure you dont miss it just because of...
all that jazz.

Friday, 13 May 2011